Super-G Stunt

Super-G Stunt Smartphone 1.0

Take to the skies in this fun flight simulator


  • Pleasant 3D graphics
  • Two game views
  • Eight environments
  • Ten planes


  • Controls are very fiddly
  • Monotonous music


There are plenty of flight sims available for PC and console platforms, but it's rare to see a decent flying game on a mobile device.

Super-G stunts is a Windows Mobile title that aims to redress the balance. It's more of an arcade-style game in the same vein as Pilotwings, rather than a serious, realistic flight sim. Your objective is to guide your light aircraft through a series of rings in the sky, while avoiding any high buildings and obstacles that get in your way.

The controls in Super-G Stunts are all based around the directional pad, and there are two different views to choose from - one where you're looking at the plane from behind, and another where you're sat in the cockpit. Unfortunately, the controls in Super-G Stunts are very difficult to master due to the highly-sensitive navigation.

Super-G Stunts is a pretty varied game, with eight different worlds to tackle (two in this demo version), and ten different planes to choose from (just one in the demo). There are three difficulty levels and an option for adjusting the graphics quality.

On the subject of graphics, Super-G Stunts is very nice to look at. All the environments are rendered in colorful 3D and the plane physics are pretty realistic. The music's a bit annoying and repetitive but I liked the sound effects of the pilot screaming as you crash him into a wall or cheering when you pass through a ring.

If you can get used to the fiddly controls there's plenty of high-altitude fun to be had playing Super-G Stunts.

Super-G Stunt


Super-G Stunt Smartphone 1.0

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